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    What is block tutoring?

    Students usually think of a tutor as someone you call when you're in trouble. Traditionally, however, tutors were teachers who worked personally with you as you learned. Block tutoring is our attempt to restore that traditional approach by retaining a teacher just for you.

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    How do blocks work?

    It's simple. It's proactive. You reserve time with a teacher by prepaying for a block of tutorial hours. You then redeem these as needed throughout the school year by scheduling the time. No panic or scrambling at the last minute to find help.

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    How many hours will I need?

    That depends. For help or support in a single subject, a small block should suffice. For more involved or multiple-subject support, larger blocks are offered at a discount. Either way, blocks are renewable and are all designed to help you think ahead, get ahead, and stay ahead.

5-Hour Tutorial Block$300 ($60/hr)Book Now
$550 ($55/hr)Book Now
20-Hour Tutorial Block$1000 ($50/hr)Book Now
30-Hour Tutorial Block$1350 ($45/hr)Book Now

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