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Student Agreement

Your enrollment in tutorial or other services with Educational Planning Associates, LLC is subject to the following attendance and behavior policy (displayed during booking as our Student Agreement):

  1. I understand that it is my responsibility as the student to notify my instructor in advance if for any reason I am unable to attend a scheduled session, and that the instructor will have sole discretion to decide if the absence is excusable. In advance means at least 24 hours prior to the session in question. Foreseeable absences, such as attending sporting events, studying for exams, vacation, etc., which are of a scheduled nature, will not be considered excused unless I inform my instructor reasonably ahead of the anticipated absence. In the event of an excusable absence I understand that the instructor will attempt to schedule a mutually agreeable makeup time, but that makeups cannot be guaranteed in all cases, particularly for short-term (< 3 months) programs.
  2. I understand that sporadic attendance and/or consecutive absences on my part jeopardize the efficacy of the tutoring process, and I agree that under these circumstances the instructor is not responsible for failed preparation and is not obligated to provide additional instruction free of charge.
  3. I agree to be available for sessions punctually. I understand that tardy or truncated sessions hinder the instructor’s ability to complete lessons on time and may have the same effect on outcomes as absenteeism.
  4. I agree to conduct myself in a mature manner while engaged with the instructor. I understand my enrollment may be canceled without refund by the instructor should my actions warrant.
  5. I agree to complete homework assignments as requested in a timely manner to facilitate my tutorial objectives.
  6. I understand that the outcome of any tutorial process depends on many factors, but none so much as the student him/herself, and that although every professional attempt will be made by the instructor to optimize my outcomes, responsibility for my performance rests ultimately with me.
  7. I understand that tuition payment is required in whole (or part, if agreed) prior to my scheduled sessions, and that my reserved time slot cannot be guaranteed in the event of delinquent payment. For designated test prep such as the ACT or SAT, payment must be made prior to the first scheduled session.
  8. I understand that from time to time my instructor may need to spend additional time preparing special materials for my upcoming session(s) and that in such cases he/she will notify me in advance when additional hourly and/or material charges may apply. In addition, I agree that extended tutorial sessions may also result in additional charges and I or my guarantor will be billed accordingly.