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College Application Services

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    Getting started

    It's never too early to start your college application. Begin by making an inventory of your best accomplishments, determining your passions and interests, researching schools with matching profiles, and selecting the ones most appropriate for you.

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    Getting done

    It's unwise to start applications without a timetable for completion. Begin by completing general essays first,work on just a few applications at a time, work in steps and be mindful of deadlines.

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    Avoiding stress

    Avoid hasty, draft quality work. Surprisingly, many students procrastinate and have to rush their applications. The secret to ensuring quality submissions is finishing early enough to give yourself time for external reviews and making recommended adjustments and/or revisions.

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    We can help

    We offer application assistance for students wanting help with filling out their applications or editing essays. Instruction is one-on-one with a live instructor and is designed to flex with individual schedules and deadlines.

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