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ACT Prep Services

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    A personalized experience

    Our prep courses are designed to meet all of your individual needs and include live, one-on-one instruction, two-hour weekly lessons, flexible scheduling and weekly practice testing.

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    Know where you stand

    Our practice testing component is designed to help you see the immediate impact of your instruction. Test features include digital or paper-based formats, instant scoring and algorithmic score projections.

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    Learn from the best

    We've been studying standardized testing for decades and designed each prep to take advantage of high-velocity methods statistically related to higher scores. Your assigned instructor is a certified masters level teacher who will focus on optimizing your speed and accuracy.

12-Hour One Area Only (Math, Reading, or Science)$750Book Now
10-Hour Optional Essay Only$550Book Now
24-Hour Combined Math/Reading/Science$1550Book Now
36-Hour Advanced Math/Reading/Science (targeting 30+ score)$1850Book Now